126,000 Obamacare Sign Ups Found To Be Fake

obama healthcare speech

Once again the subject of Obamacare is in the headlines again. This time the president is not touting numbers of people who have successfully navigated and signed up for Obamacare, he is once again defending claims that 126,000 of the people that he said signed up for the healthcare are actually not signed up at all.

The Obama administration had promised that by this time there would be millions of people who will access the website and had signed up. The numbers are far less than they predicted and now those numbers have gotten even worse.

The Republicans have long been criticized for pumping up the numbers of people who lost their healthcare as a result of Obamacare. They now have information that was released by ABC Reports that says Obama officials have announced today approximately 126,000 people who enrolled for Obamacare through the official website may not have actually signed up for healthcare.

With the healthcare website costing over $600 million it is just another blow to the Obamacare system when such a huge number of signups are actually not getting healthcare. The projected number of people who successfully were able to get healthcare needed to be much higher than the actual numbers, which poses a real threat to the ability to make healthcare available to the masses.

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