About yournation.org:

yournation.org is a website dedicated to bringing you shorter, more condensed versions of todays top news stories. In our stories you will be able to quickly read the most relevant and important facts and go about your day. Most of our site is focused on political news stories but we also cover events in the entertainment and U.S. News categories. We hope you enjoy the quick reads and if you would like to contact us with any feedback or breaking news stories you may do so through the contact form on our site.

Our Writing Team:

Susan Berghoff – Susan graduated Tufts University with a degree in journalism. She grew up in Montana and always knew from a young age that she wanted to be a journalist. Susan graduated in 2013 and this is her first job out of college. She is a valued writer at yournation.org.

John Parcell – John was the first writer hired at yournation.org and has been here since the very beginning. He studied Political Science at Rider University and has previously been employed with some of the nations top newspapers. This is Johns first experience working for an exclusively online publication.

Greg Caruso – Greg is our traveler, he has been to nearly ever state in America as well as many countries abroad. His vast experience in world travel brings vast experience to the team. It is extremely valuable to have first hand knowledge of different cultures.

Jack Wagner – Jack is one of our freelance journalists who is currently living in San Diego, CA. He is constantly on top of stories breaking out of the west cost and making sure we are on top of it. Jack graduated from Quinnipiac University in 1996 with a degree in Journalism. He has previously worked for many well known popular conservative publications.

Our Editor:

Jennifer Bonifis:

Jennifer has been our editor since day 1. She excels in proper grammar and has a Masters Degree from University Of Maryland. Jennifer is originally from Annapolis, Maryland but moved to New York City after her education to purse her career aspirations.