Brian 0’Driscoll Visits Girl In Hospital

rugby player visits sick girl

Brian O’Driscoll, a player of rugby in Ireland who has obtained the honor of being one of the best players alive, is making sure that others are able to get joy out of his career as much as possible. Apparently, this includes actually giving up his own cup in order to make others happy. This is certainly not something that you would see professional rugby players do every day, especially when they are one of the best at their sports. Score one for humanity? I think so!

At Temple St. Hospital, Brian O’Driscoll unselfishly gave it up to a little girl who was sick there. As you would expect from him, Brian O’Driscoll was glad to be able to have the opportunity to do so. Temple St. Hospital is known to be not just a hospital, but the best one in Ireland by far, not to mention the oldest. Countless lives have been saved in this building, and the latest equipment is available for use in the hospital. It is truly a worthy cause to give money to, being a school and church as well as a hospital.

Although Brian O’Driscoll is nearing the end of his rugby playing career, he does not seem to regret anything about his career. It is inspiring to hear that he never lost his love of rugby or his career when he could have easily done so. The man is truly a legend in his own right.

girl gets better

Just 3 Months Later

The legacy that Brian O’Driscoll brings to the sport of rugby is one of compassion and international fame, which gives him the power to make others’ day. What Brian O’Driscoll chose to do with that power is an admirable thing, and hopefully he will continue to use the power to brighten the world of others’ as much as he possibly can.

If making others happy isn’t a noble enough thing, then one could rightly ask, “What is?” and have good reason to do so.

This is one of the nice things that sports do across the world, during regular times there can be much animosity between the players and fans of opposing teams,  but when a city or a person is in trouble,  a sports team or player has a magical way of galvanizing a community to gain support and to have something to feel good about once again.

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