Coulter: ‘Doctors Who Went To American Medical School Will Not Be Accepting Obamacare’

ann coulter

Political commentator Ann Coulter recently made the comment that “no doctors who went to an American medical school will be accepting Obamacare.” This controversial statement was examined by to see if there was any truth in it.

PolitiFact first examined the law to see if it precluded American doctors from seeing patients insured through Obamacare. After conferring with experts the site concluded that there is nothing in the new law that would keep any doctor from seeing any patient. They next checked to see if American trained doctors were simply pickier when it came to treating those insured through the new marketplaces. A survey by the Medical Group Management Association polled 1,000 physicians groups to see if they would be accepting the new insurance policies. 29% said yes and only 14% said no. 29% is not all doctors, but is certainly not none either.

PolitiFact also examined some statistics about foreign-trained doctors. Due to barriers to entry, such as the need to complete a residency in the United States, only 26% of doctors practicing in the US were trained in another country. The obvious take-away from this is that there won’t be an influx of foreign doctors setting up practices to treat the newly insured under Obamacare. The conclusion from PolitiFact is that there is no truth to Ann Coulter’s claim that doctors trained in America will not be accepting Obamacare patients.

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