Did The Clinton’s Have a Personal Hitman?


The Clinton mystique adds another chapter. Larry Nichols, former 10-year associate of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, exposed some rather bizarre revelations on “The Pete Santilli Show” during a radio interview. Nichols claims to have been a paid hit-man at the beckon call of both Clintons.

Nichols has been a long time thorn in the side of the Clintons over the years. He has often been involved in trumpeting the misdeeds of the Clintons during their years in both Arkansas and the White House. Past claims included the sexual exploits of Bill, which eventually led to calls for impeachment, and the lesbian activities of Hillary.

In this recent interview, Nichols claims to have beaten women and killed many men for money at the direct request of the Clintons. He claims the Clintons were essentially out of control in their quest for power, fame and money. According to Nichols, they are not the type of people you want to cross. Nichols never provided any specific names, but maintains these allegations are true.

During the interview, Nichols also made claims that daughter Chelsea was not Bill’s biological daughter, but was instead the product of an affair between Hillary and Web Hubble.

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