How Poisonous Are Giant Asian Hornets


The Giant Asian Hornet, also known as the Yak killer or Giant Sparrow Bee, is the largest hornet in existence, with a body length of about 2 inches and a wingspan of 3 inches. They are also among the most poisonous insects in the world.

When they are threatened, they will begin to sting their targets incessantly with a 1/4 inch long stinger. Unlike other hornets however, their poison contains a deadly neurotoxin called mandaratoxin that can cause renal failure and death in humans if the dosage is large enough. Their venom also contains a peptide that damage any tissue that it comes into contact with.

In Japan the average annual death toll is between 30-40 people, and the average in other nations such as Russia and China is somewhat higher. If you’ve ever stung by one at least 10 times you will need immediate medical attention, and if you’re allergic to bee and hornet stings, you will need emergency care as soon as possible to survive.

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