Interesting Facts About The Pine Marten


The pine marten is member of the Mustelidae family, and look like small muskrats or foxes and spend the majority of their lives in trees because of the incredible climbing abilities. The pine marten are usually spotted in the Northeastern United States and Canadian regions. They like the protection of the hardwood and conifer forest because they can make their dens and protect their families in those trees. They generally average up to two feet in length from nose to tail, and the fluffy tail makes up almost a full third of their entire body length.

The pine marten is a solitary animal that tends to be curious and shy at the same time. They are extremely territorial and once they mate they do not allow other pine martens of the same sex within their territory.

The pine marten spends most of the day in the trees where it can prey on chipmunks and squirrels. They have been also known to eat birds, reptiles, mice, fruit and berries. They make nests high up in the trees to protect the family from predators, and usually give birth in springtime months to litters of only two or four young. They are endangered in certain parts of the country.

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