Melissa Harris Perry Appologizes For Racial Remarks Against The Romney Family


Political commentator Melissa Harris Perry has issued a statement, indicating that she felt remorseful for some of the remarks made about a young black child in the Romney family. Though the comments were intended as a joke, the commentator later realized that they very well could have been hurtful. It may help some readers to understand more about the story and how it may play in to the current political field.

The black child was adopted in to the Romney family recently. He is frequently seen in family photos and has become a beloved member of the household. The Romney family has talked about him on occasion, though some people may not be aware that the adoption occurred. This is why it caught many by surprise to hear this kind of joke about the family’s black child.

Since the incident, Melissa Harris Perry has gone on record saying that she made a mistake to make fun of the child. She did not mean any harm by the statements she had made before. She stated that she understands how challenging it can be for both the adopted child and the family. She hoped that she did not cause any hurt feelings within the Romney family.

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