Ted Cruz DESTROYS Hollywood Producers Anti-Gun Agenda

ted cruz

Producer, Harvey Weinstein revealed that he will be making a film that will take down the NRA. He also stated that he does not own guns, and there should be no guns in the United States. Ted Cruz called the producer out on his statements. Cruz says that Weinstein is a huge hypocrite who has made millions of dollars off of his violent movies.

Cruz said that Weinstein mostly likely uses armed security around his home in order to keep himself safe. He also stated that the producer is basically telling a woman who lives in the city and rides the subway that she should not have the right to protect herself. He also discussed Al Gore who is a huge activist for environmental issues. He said that Gore flies around in a jet that causes more pollution than most people make in a lifetime. He considers Weinstein’s threat to take down the NRA as typical hypocrisy that citizens will see through.

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