These Republicans Are Responsible For Obamacare

ann coulter

Ann Coulter recently made a post about some of the Republicans who are responsible for the new Affordable Care Act that is slated to be unveiled soon. Though the bill was written and signed in to law by Democrats, she asserts that there are Republicans responsible for the legislation as well. This is because there are Republicans out there who have been responsible for losing elections that they should have otherwise won.

For example, she points the finger at George W. Bush during the 2006 election. Coulter argues that his support for illegal immigration amnesty programs encouraged the Republican base to stay at home. This has kept many Republicans from winning seats, which might have prevented the legislation from being passed in the first place. Coulter argues that these mistakes are the reason why the Obamacare legislation was able to be passed.

Coulter also brings up John McCain, who lost against Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Her argument is that these are moderate candidates that should have won these elections. If the Republicans had run stronger candidates, they would have won and gained more power. But this has proven to be a contentious issue within the Republican party these days.

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